Looking at today’s pictures, I just want to have one more pita chip with my beetroot and feta dip. Sadly for me, there is none left. On the positive side, I enjoyed “testing” this recipe before I served it on a family movie night. I think, I even made some extra, just to make sure I properly taste test it. 

This week Danny opted for a movie night instead of his regular Friday night swim with David. Family movie night give me a chance to catch up on history of cinema. I have not seen “Star Wars” and most of the movies that would make “classics” lists. Growing up I had eye problems and doctors limited my TV time to 30 min a day. Half an hour is not enough for a movie, which is why i mostly watched shorter cartoons. Some days I sneaked out to the living room at night, hid behind the couch and watched movie with my parents till they notice my presence and send me back to my room. I felt left out at school when my peers would discuss adventures of Terminator, Jedi, Jurassic Park creatures and other forms of life, unknown to me then.

David was seriously surprised to find out how little of classic movies I’ve seen. When we just met, he took it upon himself to help me catch up on the movie history. That was a good start and after life took over, we were just too busy. When Danny was little, I remember watching cartoons with him and thinking that one day we will have family movie nights. The time is now and even though we don’t do it too often, movie nights are always an event to look forward to in our house.

This week on the movie night menu we had homemade pita chips with creamy beet and feta dip.
The dip came out deliciously earthy with the perfect combination of sweeter beets and salty feta cheese crumbles.
I’ve tried blending beets in a food processor and grating them. I prefer grated version much more, but if you like smoother spread-like dips and/ or would love to save time, juts drop the ingredients in the food processor and pulse until smooth. Me and Danny like to play a game where we assign color to events, people and feelings.  This weekend was definitely pink! Vibrant dark pink-reddish dip, pink dress that I bought, pinkish clouds on Sunday morning run and stunning pink Kanzan cherry blossoms ❤

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  1. In a medium pot boil beets for 1 hour or until they can be easily pierced with a knife. Let cool
  2. Peel beets once they have cooled
  3. Finely grate beets
  4. Mix in crushed garlic, mayo and feta cheese.
  5. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with remaining 1 tbsp of feta cheese
  6. Serve with pita chips
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