Ever since I saw Whistler’s yurts a couple of years ago, I wanted to have a family yurt camping gateway. Last weekend my wish finally came true; we had a mini vacation in a Riverside Resort cozy yurt. When planning this trip, I changed reservation dates, but forgot to update my agenda. Surprised I’m not packing two days before the departure date, David asked me if I need help, it was only then I realized my mishap.
Modern yurts combine charm of camping and convenience.  Think camping with comfortable beds and fresh linens. Our yurt had a bunk bed (single on top and double on the bottom) and a trundle bed, dining table and chairs. There is a little patio with picnic table right outside the yurt. This is a perfect setup for our family, as we prefer cooking our own food to eating out.   Being woken up by the natural lighting from the central skylight and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, brought by my husband – priceless! We did not see any stars at night because of the haze from the forest fires currently burning in British Columbia.   When in Whistler, riding Peak To Peak gondola between the peaks of Whistler and Backcomb mountains is a must. We’ve done this many times, but it never gets old. The views are absolutely breathtaking. We did not see a bear from the Peak To Peak gondola, but Danny saw one later that day as we were going back on a Whistler Village gondola. He was sitting below us munching blueberries from the bush. So quiet and peaceful. We were watching him from the gondola window for what must have been a few seconds, but seemed like a “slow-motion” movie.
A couple of years ago we went on a bear safari in Whistler, but did not spot any bears. And here he was, when we least expected to see him. Open air chairlift rides to the top of Whistler Summit are scary (even though, David and Danny will disagree with this statement), but the view at the top is so worth it. For Danny riding in an open chairlift is one of the trip’s highlights. Whistler Cranworx mountain bike festival was in full swing. Danny fell in love with mountain biking. He would just sit and watch mountain biking competitions in complete owe. And after seeing mountain biking kids summer camp on one of the trails, he has his mind made up to move to Whistler. Parts of the Lost Lake trail were temporarily closed to protect migrating tiny toads. Volunteers in the area patiently explain to tourists details of frog’s life cycle. Did you know that once out of the water, frogs can breathe through their skin? This fact alone will create unlimited supply of jokes, if you are 6 years old. Short and easy hike to the Whistler Train Wreck turned into somewhat scary experience, when we took “Trash” trail entrance, instead of the Sea To Sky trail. We tried to keep a brave face for Danny and pretend we are in a game, but both me and David were scared. What a relief it was to finally see the suspension bridge over Cheakamus River.
Whistler Train Wreck is a popular hiking and mountain biking destination. Box cars, derailed in 1956 accident, have been painted with graffiti and some have been built into bike jumps.I can sit in this beautiful alpine meadow for hours, staring at the clouds passing by…I can’t wait to come right back into this moment a year from now.

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